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Purpose to the People 


We connect you with impactful nonprofits in need of technology and data support.


Sharpen your skills.
Showcase your
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Training & Growth Opportunities: Take on new roles, diversify skill sets, and gain exposure to new stacks, work environments and challenges.

Cross-Sector Connections: Join our community of cross-sector talent, share your passions, and connect to professionals with common interests.

Purpose-Driven Work: Connect with effective nonprofits to power impactful solutions.

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Image by Larm Rmah

Design + Frontend

Design an "Impact Calculator" for Poverty-Fighting Interventions

Effective Giving | Poverty

Business Consultation

Analytics + Data Engineering

Build a Database to Connect Students with Professional Mentors

Education | Diversity Equity and Inclusion

Doctor and Patient

Fullstack + Design

Create a Web Application to Track Child Malnutrition Treatment

Malnutrition | Healthcare

Apply your skills to power impactful solutions in education, healthcare, immigration, and more.

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