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We connect you with talented technology professionals committed to making an impact.


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Case Management and Customized Support: We support projects from start to finish, with case managers at every check-in assisting partners with time management and product iteration. 

Leverage Technology to Expand Impact: Team up with private sector talent to develop technology solutions that expand your services and communicate the impact of your work. 

Cross-Sector Connections: Join our community of cross-sector talent, including technologists, donors, and professionals looking to make a difference.

What Our Nonprofit Partners Are Saying

"This project saved us a great deal of resources and countless hours of staff time. The low-code solution will also allow us to make changes and save resources that we would otherwise have to spend on hiring a developer." 

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"This project has already improved our operational efficiencies, allowing us to save time and help even more people in need. Our partners are already engaging with the platform and love how intuitive it is to use."

Penta Prosthetics
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